The Future of
Home Energy Management

Using the Power of Data and AI to Make Smart and Sustainable Home Energy Management Decisions

Who we are?

EIQhome was created by energy experts to provide homes with the most advanced, AI-powered Home Energy Management System (HEMS) available anywhere

EIQhome's next generation myAccount serves as the central platform for managing the rapidly expanding universe of smart home devices that are instrumental for modern home energy management

Automated Alerts that Keep You Informed and In-Control

Simple set-up alerts that always keep you on top of your energy usage, budget, and new invoice and contract end-dates

Alerts delivered automatically via text/sms or email

Never get surprised again. EIQhome keeps you alert!

Easy-to-Understand Energy Data and Insights

Gain deep insights into your home energy through data visualization that you don't have to be an energy expert to understand

Multiple view options available to address various preferences and scenarios providing ultimate transparency for even the most complex data

Become your home's “No Effort” energy expert!

Supporting a Sustainable Future for All

Enables effective management of home energy usage and sustainable energy supply to minimize your home's carbon footprint and improve sustainability

EV Smart Charging, carbon reporting and integration with smart home devices greatly enhances your journey towards carbon neutrality

A sustainable future for all will be attained one home at a time

EVs and Smart Home Devices are the Wave of the Future

Home Energy Management is evolving rapidly driven by the adoption of EVs and smart home devices that are changing the way we use and manage energy

Smart thermostats, smart meters, smart plugs, smart appliances and of course EVs and distributed generation are creating a new home energy ecosystem

EIQhome provides the advanced, AI-powered HEMS platform that optimizes this new reality