About Us

Opening the Door to Total Home Energy Management

EIQhome is not just another home energy shopping site. Sure, we provide a great shopping experience that’s unmatched by any other comparison or energy supplier site in Texas. EIQhome offers so much more.

The EIQhome platform is designed to be the central hub for Total Home Energy Management that includes helping you find the lowest electricity rate for your home, reducing your use of electricity and improving your ability to live a sustainable lifestyle.

EIQhome helps you Save Money, Save Energy and Save the Environment while Saving You Time and Stress. And using EIQhome is free to use.

Finding the Lowest Rate for Your Home Electricity

For many of us, the first step of Total Home Energy Management is finding the lowest electricity rate for your home. EIQhome provides an unparalleled home energy shopping experience by analyzing hundreds of plans every day and calculating their costs based on your home’s unique energy profile.

Based on this analysis, EIQhome presents you with a personalized listing of competitive electricity plans sorted in low-cost order, no matter the plan structure (e.g., fixed price, tiered rates, “free energy” plans). No other website analyzes as many plans as we do on your behalf. It’s never been easier to find the right low-cost plan for you and your home.

Managing Your Home Energy

EIQhome MyAccount offers the simple tools needed for ongoing Total Home Energy Management by providing you with the easy-to-understand bill and usage insights regardless of energy supplier. You always have access to your previous suppliers’ bills and plan information even when you switch to a new supplier.

EIQhome MyAcount automatically captures key billing and usage data and sends alerts so you always know exactly where you stand regarding your monthly electricity cost and usage. EIQhome MyAccount gives you confidence and control over your home’s total energy cost.

Signup for an EIQhome account and allow us to access your Smart Meter Texas (SMT) historical usage and your current supplier’s MyAccount and let us show you how we can put you in control of your home’s energy usage and cost.

The Foundation of Autonomous Home Energy Management

We like to say the future will be here before you know it. That is especially true regarding Total Home Energy Management. EIQhome already integrates with real-time energy monitoring and other smart household devices with work underway to build integrations for electric vehicles (EVs), distributed generation (solar, wind, gas powered generators), battery storage and autonomous smart device management.

Future developments will focus on building more automation into the EIQhome home energy management platform that further optimizes energy costs, usage, and sustainability through AI. EIQhome represents the future of Total Home Energy Management by giving households the access to the digital and AI tools necessary to easily make smart and sustainable energy decisions as we continue down the path towards automated, Autonomous Home Energy Management.