About Us

Why EIQhome?

Did you know…

  • The monthly electricity bill is typically one of the top three manageable household expenses?  And the cost of electricity is projected to go up significantly over the next decade.
  • The generation of electricity is responsible for more than 35% of total greenhouse gas emissions?

Which is why EIQhome was founded to help Consumers Save Money and Save the World!

The EIQhome Home Energy Management Platform (HEMP) represents the future of home energy management by giving homeowners the central platform and digital tools necessary to make smart and sustainable home energy decisions.

EIQhome was built using the latest automation and artificial intelligence using AWS native cloud solutions, natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA), and API integrations with multiple 3rd parties and smart energy devices.

EIQhome Democratizes Energy Data and Technology to Unleash the Power of Mass Adoption of Automated Home Energy Management to Reduce Energy Usage and Combat Climate Change!

Consumer Experience Focused

EIQhome makes managing Home Energy Simple and Stress Free!

EIQhome delivers an unrivaled experience for households looking for their “Go To” site for Home Energy Management.

  • Provides easy-to-understand bill and usage visualizations and insights no matter the energy supplier.
  • Seamlessly integrates with EV Smart Charging, Smart Thermostats, Smart Meters,  Real-Time Energy Monitoring, and other Smart Energy devices.
  • Automated Alerts that help consumers understand and take control of their home energy cost and usage

EIQhome provides the doorway to the Autonomous Smart Home that will support personalized goals for Cost, Comfort and Sustainability.

EIQhome was founded and is based in the Energy Capital of the World…Houston, Texas