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EIQhome’s goal is to make Total Home Energy Management simple and effective. We are using the latest digital capabilities including AI, Natural Language Processing and Robotic Automation to make this possible.

Total Home Energy Management

Total Home Energy Management covers three critical areas of managing your home’s energy.

  1. Finding the Right Electricity Plan for You – EIQhome finds the lowest cost plan based on your unique usage and other selection criteria you can set. We make the shopping process fast and easy.
  2. Monitoring and Managing Your Home’s Energy Use – EIQhome MyAccount provides easy-to-understand information and insights into your usage and billing so you are always in control of your home’s total energy cost.
  3. Improving Your Ability to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle – EIQhome automatically sends usage and billing alerts and integrates with real-time, smart usage devices to provide the information needed to make smart and sustainable energy decisions.

Unparalleled Home Energy Shopping Experience

EIQhome presents you with an unbiased listing of plans from almost every energy supplier active in your service territory. The EIQhome platform searches the internet for posted plans from major energy shopping sites and suppliers and organizes those plans into one easy-to-use shopping experience.

EIQhome uses AI to analyze each plan to present an apples-to-apples cost comparison to you based on your unique energy usage profile. EIQhome integrates Smart Meter Texas (SMT) data or our proprietary usage forecast tool to create a unique usage profile that enables your personalized cost estimate for each plan. This process presents you with the most accurate, unbiased cost estimates available, no matter the type of plan and which supplier is offering it.

EIQhome takes the work and stress out of picking the right plan for you.

Texas Energy Plan Index Tool – Quick and Easy View into Market Prices

The EIQhome Texas Energy Plan Index is a great tool that allows you to graphically see the historical range of all electricity pricing trends based on the posting of approximately one thousand Texas plans that we track every day.

The tool provides a graphic presentation of the average and lowest priced plan trends by month term, service territory and three usage levels. The Texas Energy Plan Index is meant to give you a quick and accurate view of where pricing is today compared to previous months while providing you the insight you need to determine if you are getting a good deal on your current plan or one that you’re considering.

“Free” Energy Plan Cost Analyzer Tool

Those “Free” Energy Plans that you see advertised have become very popular with many homeowners here in Texas. But do those plans make sense for you and the way you use electricity in your home? The EIQhome Free Energy Plan Analyzer provides a quick and accurate comparison of all the Free Energy Plans that are available to you compared to other more traditional plans.

The Free Energy Plan Cost Analyzer provides a great way to quickly see if it’s worth your time to search for one of those “Free” plans. It makes the process simple as we do the work for you.

Instant Insights Tool

When you set-up an account with EIQhome and give us access to your historical usage through Smart Meter Texas (SMT), the EIQhome Instant Insights tool provides a valuable summary of your home’s historical energy usage broken out by seasonal, day-of-week and hourly time periods. In addition, it provides you a measure of your carbon footprint based on your past year’s energy usage to make it easy to set your sustainability goals.