EIQhome.com Launches in Texas Market

Delivering the Future of Total Home Energy Management

Houston, TX – August 3, 2021 – EIQhome, LLC today announced the launch of its new digital home energy management platform, EIQhome.com. Founded by retail energy veteran Dan Sullivan, EIQhome’s goal is to disrupt the retail energy industry by making the process of shopping for and managing home energy incredibly simple, fast, and transparent. EIQhome is free to use for any homeowner looking for a more convenient way to manage the supply, demand and sustainability of their home energy.

The EIQhome platform is built with the latest automation and artificial intelligence using AWS native cloud solutions, natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA), and API integrations with 3rd parties.

Founder and CEO Dan Sullivan says, “EIQhome is not just another energy shopping site. It was built using the latest digital and AI technology designed to deliver Total Home Energy Management by providing the tools to easily manage home energy supply, demand and sustainability.”

EIQhome.com delivers an unrivaled experience for a household looking for a “Go-To” site for their Total Home Energy Management.

Providing an Unparalleled Home Energy Shopping Experience

For those shopping for a new electricity plan, EIQhome presents an unbiased listing of plans from almost every significant REP active in the consumer’s service territory. The EIQhome platform searches the internet for posted plans from major shopping sites and REPs and organizes those plans into one easy-to-use shopping experience.

The EIQhome platform understands, parses, and analyzes each plan to present an apples-to-apples cost comparison for each based on the homeowner’s unique energy usage profile. EIQhome easily integrates Smart Meter Texas (SMT) data or utilizes a proprietary usage forecast tool to create a unique usage profile and runs that profile against each plan to create a personalized cost estimate for the homeowner. This process presents the user with the most accurate, unbiased estimate of plan cost available, regardless of plan structure (e.g., Fixed, Tiered, TOU, etc.). EIQhome thus eliminates the confusion surrounding the use of 500/1000/2000 kWh usage walls and calculating highly structured plans for consumers looking to find their lowest cost plan.

The Next Generation MyAccount for Total Home Energy Management

EIQhome MyAccount offers a central platform for ongoing home energy management that provides the homeowner with the easy-to-understand bill and usage insights no matter the supplier. EIQhome MyAccount automatically captures key billing and usage data so the user can easily monitor and manage their home’s total energy cost. The system offers users multiple options to view the data in clear charts and graphs. The system also offers automated alerts as a means of proactively keeping households on top of their costs and usage.

EIQhome MyAccount also integrates with many smart energy devices with work underway to build other integrations for EVs, distributed generation, storage, and other smart energy devices. Future development will focus on building more automation into home energy management that optimizes energy costs, usage, and sustainability.

EIQhome.com represents the future of home energy management by giving homeowners the digital tools necessary to easily make smart and sustainable energy decisions as part of a Total Home Energy Management approach.

EIQhome will initially focus on the Texas market but has plans to expand into other deregulated markets and to offer other products and services targeting suppliers, brokers, energy efficiency and other energy related services.

About EIQhome

EIQhome is based in Houston, TX and was founded by Dan Sullivan who has 20 years’ leadership experience in retail energy with major industry players Engie, Constellation Energy, Direct Energy, and high-profile energy start-ups GridPoint and Nextilty.

EIQhome’s mission is to help deliver the promise of energy deregulation’s benefits of lower rates, sustainability and other value-added products and services enabled through easy-to-use, transformative digital tools and platforms.

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