EIQhome.com Home Energy Shopping Experience Now Open Source

Making AI, Data-Driven, Personalized Shopping Experience Available to All

Houston, TX – October 7, 2021 – EIQhome, LLC announced today that it is open sourcing its data-driven home energy shopping experience for those firms interested in providing a more personalized and transparent experience for their users.  By offering the EIQhome shopping experience code as open source, the cost for those firms to download and use the code is free.

EIQhome Founder and CEO Dan Sullivan says, “One of our goals is to disrupt the retail energy industry by making the process of shopping for electricity incredibly simple, fast and transparent.  By making the EIQhome shopping experience open source and free, we are putting our words into action.  We hope this can serve as a powerful catalyst to spur transformational change in retail energy.”

The EIQhome shopping experience enables a personalized shopping experience by using a household’s unique usage data matched against any residential plan structure to calculate a personalized cost of that plan for that household.   EIQhome uses the power of AI to present an immediate “Apples-to-Apples” comparison of plan costs so the household can make an informed decision that is based on their actual usage.

The EIQhome shopping experience makes obsolete the use of the controversial 500/1000/2000 kWh usage walls that are the basis of plan comparison in Texas.  Many REP plans that present their rate to the customer at these usage levels deliver very different actual rates when applied to the consumer’s actual monthly usage.  This leads to a great deal of confusion, frustration, and anger by many consumers.  The EIQhome shopping experience resolves this issue.

To download a copy of the EIQhome source code, please visit https://www.EIQhome.com/Free.

About EIQhome

EIQhome is based in Houston, TX and was founded by Dan Sullivan who has 20 years’ leadership experience in retail energy with major industry players Engie, Constellation Energy, Direct Energy, and high-profile energy start-ups GridPoint and Nextilty.

EIQhome is creating a movement to digitally transform and personalize consumers’ energy shopping experience and customer choice through reliable and timely access to consumers’ usage data.

EIQhome is currently serving all Texas ERCOT markets with plans to expand into other regions of the US in 2022.

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